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10 Heads Multihead Weigher Packaging Machine For Soybeans Rices

10 Heads Multihead Weigher Packaging Machine For Soybeans Rices

Multihead Weigh Filler is commonly used when requiring high speed / high accuracy / high productivity. Weighling offered in 10 / 14 / 16 / 24 / 32 head configuration, each head includes a dedicated load cell. The process starts by filling the center of the scale with bulk product, then product will be vibrated from center cone to each individual vibratory feeder pans. These feeder pans then transport product to the weigh bucket where it will be weighed and measured. Once weighed, the PC will determin which buckets equal a near perfect match. Once that match is chosen it is then locked and buckets will dispense at the same time to a person manually packaging machine by a Foot Pedal. The multi-head weighing or combination weighing is derived from the fast that you are using multi-buckets or a combination of weigh buckets to achieve a preset weight. The Multihead Weigher Machine is used to achieve 2 of primary goals: 1. High accuracy requirement; 2. High production Rates. In regards to high accuracy requirements, the Multihead Weigher can weigh and dispense as lillte as 1 gram and is accurate to less than Tenth of a gram. The machine is commonly used in products which giveaway cannot exceed one full piece of product or typically several grams. As for production rates, the multihead weigher should always be considered for high packing speed. Multihead Weighers are highly accurate, space-saving solution that is ideal for a wide range of food / vegetable applications, etc.

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Typically weighing and packing Fresh Vegetable, Fruit, Salad, Hardwares, Confectionery, Frozen Foods, Snack Foods, Nuts and Pulses, Tea and Coffee, Dried Foods, Pet Foods, Dry Baby Foods, Seeds, Grain, Rice, Sesame, Melon Seeds, Food Additives, Sugar, Chicken Essence, Granola, Muesli, Fertilizer, Feed, Black Cumin, Currant,  Pistachios, Berries, Tomato Chips, Chocolate Nuts, Fodder, Tablet, Pepper etc.


Takes Weighing 250g as Example:

  • Target weight set as 250g

  • Product will be vibrated to each feeder pan

  • Product will be transported to each weighing bucket

  • Once weighed, PC determine "above 4-red-bucket" equal a nearest perfect match of 250g

  • Automatically dump to the output chute

Multihead weigher01

Mechanical Structure:

  •  10/14 Head Configuration

  •  Food-grade SUS304 Contact Parts

  •  Hopper capacity 1600ml or 2500ml

  •  Tool-free and Quick to Remove for cleaning

  •  Vibrating Bases with Precise Vibration Angles

  •  Cleanable Smooth Structure with no Hidden Crevices

Software Information:

  •  Smart Weigher Combination

  •  Step Motor Driving System

  •  Program Memory up to 99

  •  Fast Self-learning Software

  •  An Accurate Dosage of Product and High Level of Hygiene

  •  Heavy Duty Load Cell, Drastically Reduce Products Giveaway

  •  Digital Sensor to Enhance the Speed / Precision / Anti-jamming Capacity

  •  Vibratory Feeder is the Perfect Solution for Precise Feeding and Weighing

  •  The H.M.I is a Colorful Touch Screen with Our Own Developed Software

  •  Programmable Touch Screen Provides Precise Selection and Adjustment of Filling Amount

  •  Touch Screen Provides a Selection of Machine Functioning such as Easy Setup / Operation / Monitoring Processing

  • Load Cell Controlled Weighing System, Which Ensures Highly Efficient Weighing, Easy Calibration and Weigh Setting thus Reducing Weighing of Changeover 

Multihead Weigher02

Multihead weigher03

A Perfect Integration:

Vibratory Feeder - Z Bucket Conveyor - Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine - Multihead Weiger - Working Platform - Output Conveyor

Multihead weigher04

1. Z Elevator ———— Vertically lift the bulk material to the scale feed hopper by motor driving

2. Filling Machine ———— Auto dump the preset portion weight to the downstream units

3. Compact Platform ———— Used to support filling machine

4. Doypack Machine ———— Auto finish preformed pouches pickup-open-fill-seal-output

5. Output Coveyor ———— Inclined output the finished products t downstream units

6. Metal Detector ———— Inspect if the package contains any metal or stainless steel

7. Weight Checker ———— Online dynamic check if the package weight is acceptable

8. Rejector System ———— Retrieve the rejected package with over/less weight or metal parts

Multihead weigher06

Multihead weigher05

Packaging & Shipping:

- Fumigation Certificated of Wood Packaging for Oversea Shipment

- Inner Plastic Film Wrapping Protect the Goods from Salting, Wind or Damage

- Shipping terms: EXWORK, FOB, C&F, CIF terms by Sea-shipment or Air-Shipment


Company Information:

Established in 2011, Weighlin dedicated in food weighing packaging machines, included high speed high precision multihead weighers, economical practical linear weighers, dynamic weight checking and grading, performed pouches packing machine, high quality accessories such as platform and conveyors, also full feeding weighing packaging inspecting line,etc, also other related customized packaging machines. Quality packaging solution is from Weighlin years of focus and understanding of the packaging industry. Weighlin strives for perfection in the pursuit of quality, while taking into account easy to operate, easy to disassmble, easy to clean, small investment, stable performace, so that the packaging carry, deliver and create value.

About Us




A. What is Welin's motto about packaging?

     Packaging carry deliver and create Value.  

B. When Welin started and what's your main products?

     Welin is established in 2011 and there are more than 10 years background R&D and salesman staffs with professional knowledge.

     Our main products are included new generation modular control linear weigher, multihead weigher, checkweigher and metal     detector, mini premade pouch packing machine and mini VFFS, and complete turnkey packing line solution as well. 

C.  Why choose Welin packaging?

     1. Competitive Price.  As a original manufacturer, we have our own modern workshop processing facility from laser, folding        and welding machining, experienced staff and quality control system, we can control good quality and cost by ourself. 

     2. Prompt Response.  Well-trained and know-how salesteam, working 24/7 to make reaction to the inquiries and questions all the time within 12 hours.  

D.  What's Welin service support?

      Pre-Sales Service (Inquiry and consulting support. Sample testing support. View our Factory)

      Mid-Sales Service (Update the production progress with photo and video, Material or pouch testing running)

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