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Automatic Powder Packing Machine Dual Head Doypacker Pouch Filling Machine

Automatic Powder Packing Machine Dual Head Doypacker Pouch Filling Machine

What is Doypack Machine? Automatically doypack filling machine for premade pouches, easy to operate and maintain, up to 8-station stage, eash stage equip with 2 of pincers that gurantee the grip of the pouch for the whole processing. Heavy duty and robust vibrator for feeding the material with bulk and fine feeding option. Digital display shows the weight in each pack, thus the positive feedback. Complete pouch control with servo driven pouch loading, opening, closing, discharge. All critical functions operate in staionery mode. Concurrent pouch opening, inward motion of clamping system, top and button sunction cups on both sides, and airblast. How the Doypack Machine Works? Premade doypack packaging machine is matched with defferent dosing instruments, such as linear weigher, multihead weigher, volumetric piston filler, auger filler etc. It's suitable for automatic package of material such as granules, powder, liquid and sauce. Spporting bag width from 60mm upto 350mm / length 100mm to 500mm to work with automatic pick up bags, coding batch code, opening bag, material filling, bag sealing and output.

Product Details

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Bag-making Type

Zip-lock Pouch / Stand-up Pouch / 3-sided Pouch / 4-sided Pouch / Gusset / Spout / Flat Bottom Pouch / Zipper Pouch / Top Zip Pouch etc


 Typically weighing and packing granules, nuts and pulses, powder, fresh vegetable, fruit salad, snack food, tea and coffee, frozen food, confectionery, pets foods, bird foods, dog foods, cat foods, beans, grain, rice, sesame, sugar, salt, seeds, food additives, granola, muesli, fertilizer, berries, tomato chips, chocolate nuts, fodder, tablet, pepper etc.

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A Perfect Integration:

One-head Linear Weigher + Working Stand + MDP Doypack Machine + Output Conveyor

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A Perfect Integration:

Auger Filler + MDP Doypack Machine + Output Conveyor + Collecting Table

Multihead weigher01

  • New generation sanitary design & build

  •  Innovative pouch clamping system

  • Tool-less quick to remove and clean

  •  Food-grade SUS304 contact surfaces

  •  Compact footprint and low mainteance

  •  All critical functions operate in stationery mode

  • Automatic filling machine for premade doypack pouches

  •  Automatic operation control, easy to adjust and operate

  •  MCU controlled pouch loading - open - fill - seal - output

  •  Compact single station, pneumatic system for safety running

  •  Each working station equip with 2 of pincers ensure the grip of pouch

  •  Auto pouch detecting sensor, no pouch no dump ensures material splash down

  •  Automatic breakdown detection and solution is clearly displaying on the screen

  •  7" User's friendly HMI with our developed software, ensures high efficiency performance

  •  Various pouches available running on a same machine which adjusting position by suction

  •  Various option funtions available upon requests, such as zip-lock open device / hot stamp printer /  hopper  shaker / product settler

  •  Interlock safety, CE application - auto stop when the door is open



Speed10 ~ 15bags/min
Pouch SizeW120 ~ 300mm X L120 ~ 350mm
Pouch TypeStandup/Zip-lock/3-side/Gusset/Paper Pouch etc
Power Supply220V/50Hz or 60Hz Single Phase, 1.0Kw
Air Pressure7.0 CFM@80PSI
Operation Panel
7" Color Touchpad
PneumaticsTaiwan Brand-Airtac, PIAB Vacuum Generator/SMC Vacuum Filter
OptionsAuto Zipper Open Devices, SMC Pnenumatic Parts, Product Settler, Gas-Flush and Vacuum Function, Moveable Conveyor, Filling Device, Ribbon Stamp Printer

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Doypackk machineA6

Packaging & Shipping

- Fumigation Certificated of Wood Packaging for Oversea Shipment

- Inner Plastic Film Wrapping Protect the Goods from Salting, Wind or Damage

- Shipping terms: EXWORK, FOB, C&F, CIF terms by Sea-shipment or Air-Shipment


Company Information

Established in 2011, Weighlin dedicated in food weighing packaging machines, included high speed high precision multihead weighers, economical practical linear weighers, dynamic weight checking and grading, performed pouches packing machine, high quality accessories such as platform and conveyors, also full feeding weighing packaging inspecting line,etc, also other related customized packaging machines. Quality packaging solution is from Weighlin years of focus and understanding of the packaging industry. Weighlin strives for perfection in the pursuit of quality, while taking into account easy to operate, easy to disassmble, easy to clean, small investment, stable performace, so that the packaging carry, deliver and create value.

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